We always need to be watchful

Our baptism did happen. Luis Felipe Cardoso Godoy was baptized by me. He reminds me quite a bit of Dad, and we particuraly hit it off well. He had the biggest smile on his face for the next two days. Other cool story, we had another three that was going to happen in another area, but the mom got cold feet at the last minute. The entire zone did a prayer, and when the sisters went to ask why, she changed her mind again. So, four people on Sunday. Elder and I interviewed them a week ago, so I´ll send their picture.

Well, there is not much to say about this week. Just the usual ups and downs. Unfortunately, we have no one marked for a date, but we have a few potencials, so here´s hoping! I´m currently trying to finish the Old Testament again before the end of the mission. I´ll never read it in personal study, as I made a promise with myself that the language for study is portuguese. I´m also trying to read the three chapters a day personal reading of Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price that we as a mission are having. Got to tell you, some sections were hard work to finish before the end of the day. (76, 84, 88, 104, 107, and today is 124) The goal is to finish before the end of Feburary, but I´ll try and stick with the 3 a day if possible. I´m worried about Joseph Smith – History, though…

I spent my birthday working. What a surprise! But in this work, there is nothing better.
I´m at a loss on what to say to you. What could I say to motivate you all to live the gospel that has been preached since the beginning? I´m amazed at your dilligence, but we always need to be watchful, as the adversary strikes when we least need it. The pillars have been outlined for us. We need to develop a character similar to Christ´s, repent of all ours sine, and receive the saving ordaninces. Is there something that you are falting? Is there something that you just haven´t quite done yet because “everything has its own time”? Whatever it is, it´s not as important as your salvation and exaltation is. This blessings are worth ANY price. The happiness and joy that comes from our eternal progression is something that has always kept me close to the church and the path. I exhort you to not delay any longer. There really is no justisfication for those who are able to make these changes. By the way, lack of time is not a good excuse when our lives are meant to be used to help us prepare to meet our God. My greatest wish for you all is to stand in the holy places, stay in the flock, for there is great safety here. There is hope here. There is sacred love here. There is God here.

Eu amo voces,


The 21 year-old Elder Jarvis



About elderstephenjarvis

My name is Stephen Jarvis, and I grew up in the State of Washington. I am currently serving a two year mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This blog will be maintained by my family throughout my two years service, May 2012 - May 2014. I enter the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012. I invite my friends and family to view the posts to this blog.
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